email fields not displaying in reports

I’m trying to create a report that will display the account and or contact’s e-mail address among other information. When creating the report the field for e-mail address is not available. Is there something I need to change in order for the e-mail to be an option in the reports?

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The email address is not stored directly in the module, it is related to the module. When adding fields/conditions, you need to select the module Email Address when create a report on the Accounts/Contacts modules.



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When I select “Email Address” as the Report Module, the “Fields (Email Address)” is empty. nothing there.

If I pick Report Module “Emails”, then more modules show up underneath the Module Tree, so I click on Contacts:Emails:Contacts, and there are “Fields (Contacts)”, but no “Email Address” anywhere to be found.

If you make the Report module Contacts, then in the Module Tree select Email Address:Email Address > Email Address > Email Address (Field)

Thank you for your help. When I do that, the “Fields (Email Address)” box is empty. Could it have anything to do with the way my SuiteCRM was set up?

I DO have email addresses associated with all of my contacts. So they are there. Just not sure why they are not showing up here.

I have this problem also. Are there any solution for this.
My version is 7.8.3.
Administrator user see E mail address field an create report. When i try it with regular user, there is no result. Is it bug?

I have this problem too ! do you have any idea please ?

I Got it ! add this few lines of code juste before the last return in :

static function checkAccess($category, $action, $is_owner=false, $type=‘module’,$in_group=false)

in “modules\ACL\ACLController.php”:

if ($_REQUEST[‘module’] === ‘AOR_Reports’ && $category === ‘EmailAddresses’) {
return ACLAction::userHasAccess($current_user->id, ‘AOR_Reports’, $action, ‘module’, $is_owner, $in_group);

We have this issue as well. Administrator users can see the email address fields but other users cannot. I will try the suggested edit and then post here if that is a solid fix.

We’re on…
Version 7.9.2
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

However, it sounds like this is a bug.

Well found! I think the condition should be:

if ($_REQUEST['module'] === 'AOR_Reports' && $category === 'EmailAddresses') {

Perhaps the module index on your answer was removed by the forum code.

Alright, I tried the code as it was posted by @Hachim and it did not seem to do anything. I will try as @nelem suggests.

Success! That works perfectly. I oon’t know if there’s any way to bring this thread to the attention of whoever would be able to get this into a future update but it seems to be like this is a bug and should be fixed for everyone.

Here is the working code just to help others reading the thread…

if ($_REQUEST['module'] === 'AOR_Reports' && $category === 'EmailAddresses') {
     return ACLAction::userHasAccess($current_user->id, 'AOR_Reports', $action, 'module', $is_owner, $in_group);

Glad it worked for you. You can always try to raise an issue on Github but it’s quite a chore and fixes don’t always make it into a release.