Email Code Being displayed after I send an Email from the Emails module

After I compose an email and send it, I see this and have to refresh the page:

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Here is my email settings:

Exchange Server: localhost
Exchange Server Port: 25
Enable SMTP over SSL or TLS? --None–

Sending a test email works and produces no errors, this only occurs when sending emails from the emails module or from the email subpanel.

Display errors is currently off in php.ini.

If I copy this instance to my local machine, the problem goes away. Both are running the same version of PHP and MySQL.

do you have configured outbound emails correctly? because some mail servers won’t allow you to send emails from other sender that’s not the username. Normally you configure one outbound email for the system and if someone else wants to send emails you need to set their configs too.

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This is occurring on the main admin login. I have outbound emails configured like so:

The problem isn’t that emails aren’t going out, when all that code pops up, the email is still sent and I receive it in my gmail account, the issue is that when I send an email, all of that output pops up and you have to refresh the page. I need to get to the bottom of what’s causing me to see that output as I do not want too.

There are no errors in suitecrm.log or php errors being generated.

Oh, I see, I thought that you were not able to send any mails, where you’re talking about not your local machine, what is it? hosted service? can you check your file and folder permissions?

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Yes, I have my local copy that I use for development on my personal computer, my dev server which is on a hosted platform, as well as my production server which is on a hosted platform.

I am the admin and have access to everything related to the servers. (cPanel, WHM, VPS Panel, etc)

I checked through my file and folder permissions revolving around the following folders:

(starting with the main suitecrm folder)
suitecrm root folder - 755
modules - 777
Emails - 777
All files - 777