Email Campain Mails are sent without attachment

Hi everybody,

I’m testing with SuiteCRM. I’ve installed SuiteCRM 7.3.11 on Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7.3.

I’ve configured an Email Campaign, created a Mail Template with some Variables in Subject and Body and an Attachment, as Upload in the Template and/or as Link inside SCRM Documents to be sent with the Mail. Everytime I create the Mails by the Campaign function, the Mails are beeing sent with the Variables correctly filled etc. but without the attachment. When I compose a single Mail by choosing the Template, the mail goes out with the correct Attachment.

I’ve tried several ways to figure out how to get it working but nothing helps. I increased the Loglevel to “debug” but could’nt find anything.
I hope somebody can give me a hint where to look or whats the problem might be.

Thanks in advance

Hi, welcome. sorry that you’re experiencing this problem.

Please follow the Issue here:

and comment there if you have any additional info. Thanks


Do you perhaps know when the issue will be resolved

It’s quite frustrating to save all the pdf’s locally and then emailing it from our own mailboxes



which version of this file do you have, the left or the right-hand side?

I am not sure there is enough information on that issue to be worked on… :frowning: I’d have to confirm with Dillon, but it seems this is not linear to reproduce, it works for some people. not for others…