Email Campaign scheduler is not sending emails


I have created an Email campaign and able to successfully send the test emails. However, for some reason, actual emails are not sent on campaign start date. In the Job Log, I can see job ran successfully (Job Status: Done) on right Execution time. I tried to run cron.php manually using the following command:

sudo php -f cron.php

and it gives me following error:

PHP Notice: Undefined property: InboundEmail::$team_id in /var/www/html/SuiteCRM/modules/Schedulers/_AddJobsHere.php on line 104

Any thought what can be wrong?


Hi there,

If you navigate to the Scheduler within admin, there should be a line to add to your crontab.

If you enter:

php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

instead of just:

php -f cron.php

You should not receive the notices.



Hello ashishsrivastava,

Although there was a PHP Notice, did the cron.php script run ? You can check this from the crm admin panel --> Schedulers --> Any active Job that is configured to run ‘As often as possible’ --> ‘Last Successful Run’ field .

Except using

> /dev/null 2>&1

( to redirect the command output ) you can also edit your php.ini (e.g. for cli php in Ubuntu you can find it in /etc/php5/cli/php.ini ) and change the display_errors and error_reporting values in order to make sure that PHP Notices and Warnings will not stop cron.php from running

When you make sure that you can run cron.php manually, I suggest to make sure that you use the full paths for the php command and the cron.php script because some environmental variables are not set when the command runs from crontab.
For example you may have to add something like this in your crontab:

* * * * *   /usr/bin/php -f /var/www/yourdomain.tld/cron.php

To make sure that your crontab file is valid, I suggest to use crontab -e to edit it (or sudo crontab -e if you want to root user’s crontab ).

You should also make sure that the permissions for the cron.php are right. You can add your user to the group that owns the file (may be www-data) and make the file readable by group users (using sudo chmod g+r cron.php) in order to run the command as a simple user instead of root.

Good luck

George Rodopoulos