Email Campaign Error

While setting up an email campaign I am getting an error that states I’m missing the From Name and the From Address even though I fill it in every time. Can someone help.

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Where did you set up the Email account? It can be set up in 3 different places, please tell me which menus you wen through to set it up.

Okay, I’ve managed to work my way through almost every hiccup. This is the last one.

Version 7.8.26
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
LAMP (CentOS, C-Panel)

I cannot setup email campaigns with users, only the admin user, so user variable do not work properly, as they only produce the Admins info. I have set up my email configurations in outbound, bounce, and the user’s settings. When I get to the email settings page I get “missing required field” error in the From Name and From Email Address fields.

Does this seem related?

That’s the one. There was a possible fix that involved variables being switched on a different Github post, but that issue was resolved and it still did not fix the problem. I changed my log level to “error,” but I have yet to check it because I’m working on a fresh install of SuiteCRM, hoping to troubleshoot the problem.