Email and Tasks

Quick question:

Custom Module with a relationship with Task Module.

Will reminder emails get sent when the due date of the task is reached?
If not a suggestion on how I go about doing that?

I am asking as it does not seem to be working for me. I know outgoing emails are working but just not for this setup.

I created a workflow and it still does not appear to work:

Run: Only In The Scheduler
Run on: All Records
Repeated Runs: empty

Module: Custom
Field: Due Date
Operator: Less than or Equal To (also tried) Great than or Equal To

Email Template: Got one
Email: To -> Related Field -> Users:Created By

“Repeated runs” unchecked is not good while testing, it might be blocking execution. I advise checking it, and instead add a condition to limit execution (like “subject = testme”)

In Admin /scheduler / Workflows your “last ran successfully” is recent? Is it in the correct timezone?

What seems to be happening is regardless of what I set the Due Date and Operator, the email gets send every time the schedule runs… every minute.

It is as if the time part of Due date does not figure into the equation. It only goes by Date not, by Date Time?

My server is running UTC time and I am on EST time. I am accounting for the “now - 5hrs” in my Operator.

Is this a bug? What am I missing.

I can’t check the details right now, but if that argument shows as “Date”… that is not the same thing as a “DateTime”

These dateTime things in PHP can get really tricky with the timezones etc.

That is why I usually use epoch time.

So I am not able to do what I wanted to do from the sounds of it as the Due Date field in tasks in a DateTime but in workflows I can only do Date.

It doesn’t make much sense. I just checked, the field is Datetime in the database, and the same in the vardefs. the Workflows basically get their information from the vardefs. Maybe this is simply a bug.

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This is very strange but good

Due Date -> Less Than or Equal To -> Date -> Now + 1 minute

The email get sent!!

Thank you for your assistance pgr.

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