Email addresses not pupulating correctly in 7.8.23

Does anyone managed to solve multiple email addresses in FROM field ?
I have a situation where a user tries to compose mail.
He chooses from all email addresses which are prepopulated in FROM drop-down (should be with all outbound accounts)
But different values are populated for CREATE (only 1 = users) and REPLY (all available).

Problem 1: OUTBOUND mail are of non-use, FROM is populated only with INBOUND addresses
Problem 2: when I select email and then REPLY, I can see all of the addresses, but when I click COMPOSE I can see only users email (logged in user)


In admin INBOUND EMAIL check:
Allow users to send emails using the “From” Name and Address as the reply to address TRUE

fcorluka, where exactly is that option? I can’t see it in Admin /Inbound…

Is it the one in Admin / Email settings, “users may send as themselves”?

This option is in:
Admin -> Inbound Email

In ‘Email Handling Options’ part:
Allow users to send emails using the “From” Name and Address as the reply to address: Yes

Hope this helps.

I am confused, I don’t see that in my system. It’s 7.8.19, but I scanned the code and that string seems to be this one

(despite the LBL being named “outbound”, it is in fact used in Inbound email files :huh: )

But it is not recent, those parts of the code have been there for over 2 years at least, so I think I should be seeing it on my 7.8.19…


I have attached an image of my InboundEmail section and field I am talking about.

For the code part, I have spent 2 days searching for the problem in version 7.8.24 and got nowhere.
I don’t remember the file, but I know that FROM addresses are loaded differently when there is REPLY TO and COMPOSE.

Is your account a “Group” email account? From inspecting the code, I think that checkbox only appears for Group accounts, that’s why I am not seeing it…

Yes it is.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to help you further. I can’t replicate this on the newer versions.

you can try figuring out which of these conditions is excluding the email from the “From” box:

I do believe it is dependent on that variable.