Email addresses changing

Hi All,

Hoping someone can assist with a critical issue.

We have specific email boxes setup for each of our clients. We are finding that after corresponding with us through that email box, client employees when attempting to bcc themselves on an email, their email address is changed to the specific name of the client email box. For example: types in her name in the bcc line and it looks fine; however, it is actually changed to the general client email in SuiteCRM such as

This has resulted in emails not intended for us to come in to the CRM.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? What is the fix?

This has happened to 3 separate companies so far.


Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

And the first thing we always ask around here is…

What is your SuiteCRM version? :smiley:

And is that email account you’re answering from a system account or an account defined in some user’s profile? Have you checked the field From name in that Account’s settings?