ELMS module from SalesAgility

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I’m testing with Suitecrm if this is the product for our organization. One of the requirements is Service Levels on Email and routing when exceeds. I have come across an article about a module form SalesAgility (ELMS). It’s not available on the net, but how can I optain this module? I’ve contacted SalesAgility and they said that I must go to the forum. Any idea?

This is the article:

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Fabian Honing

This is not currently available as open source. it is a professional services offering by the project. The expertise and knowledge required to deploy and configure are viewed as being outside the scope of the code we release and support.

Then I have some questions about the purchase:

  1. Are there consultants available in Holland?
  2. What are the costs for purchase?
  3. Do I need licenses?
  4. First we need to start a pilot so we can explore the capabilities

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