I’ve been tasked with adding Elasticsearch to an existing SuiteCRM install. Installing ES seems straight-forward enough, but I’m having trouble finding anything out there about how to make ES and Suite play nice together. This kind of leads me to believe that either:

  • it’s really easy to do and I’m just overlooking something obvious,
  • it’s completely unnecessary to do this, so nobody has really done it.

Can somebody clue me as to which one of these is the case (or something else!), or maybe point me in the direction of a good resource about how to do what I’m being asked to do?


In case somebody comes across this thread, ElasticSearch became part of SuiteCRM in v 7.11:

And has now been updated to ElasticSearch 7.0:

Hi @MichaelW
please look at the elastic search guide maybe it helps you:-


Thats great news, do you know when ElasticSearch 7.x support will be released with 7.11.22?

I don’t know, but there was a release very recently, so try the latest, I expect it will be there already.

I’ve upgraded my SuiteCRM from 7.11.22 to 7.12.0
Unfortunately I’m unable to get Elasticsearch working. Both, simple and Lucene return results but Elasticsearch does not. I have Elasticsearch installed locally and the Test gives me a green light. I have also set up a scheduler as well as I’ve tried running the manual full indexing process

When I try running the indexer from command line, I see that index generation fails for most modules.

The error is the same for all modules.
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?