Elasticsearch ignoring Search Modules config

I have suitecrm 7.11.15 and Elasticsearch 5.6.10

And it seems like Elasticsearch just ignoring the Search Modules list, I trying te disable some modules but after save config, and did QRR I still see disabled modules on the results page

This is worked well when I used default search engine

Is anybody here have the same issue?


is the global search module list working on your side?


I’ve had a try, and it seems like the Global Search Module list doesn’t affect the ElasticSearch results

Though I’m not sure if it’s not included intentionally, or if it has simply not been added as of yet
(As Elasticsearch is a newer addition to the CRM, starting in 7.11.x versions)

Or perhaps, if it is actually a bug

Though I’d agree, it seems as though it should consider the enabled/disabled modules

I’ll have a quick look again, and see if I can figure anything out

But, for the time being, it might be worth raising it as a suggested feature on the Github page, so it can be tracked!