Elasticsearch error navigation buttons

I have an error in the Elasticsearch listview.

As you can see I’ve search the word “test” in SuiteCRM.
There are 156 founds and in the first page I can see 10 records.

The navigation buttons are disabled and I don’t understand why I can’t see the other 146 records with the next and previous buttons.

The version is 7.12.

Do you have any ideas how to resolve it ?

if you increase record per page and then search, do you see more records?

Yes, I see more records, but I can increase at most 50.
So if I have 156 record I can only see the first 50, but not the other 106.
And the navigation buttons are still disabled.

are you on 7.12.5 version?

No, I’m using a 7.12.1.

I’ve compared the files under the directory “lib/Search/UI/” with the 7.12.5 version, especially for the file SearchResultsController.php where I found the logic that decides if disable the navigation button or not.

But I didn’t notice any change.