editview and detailview tracking

Dear All,

i need to track the events for editview and detailview of modules. in default a the editview and detailview are captured in tracker module. i was rying to understand the flow… but i couldnt. can anyone give any suggestions about this.

thanks in advance, your help will be much appreciated.

What do you need to know, or to do? And what part don’t you understand?


Thanks for your reply.

i need to capture information on create, delete, update, detailview and editview of a record in a module.
by using application and module logic event such as after-save and before-delete i have captured the information for create, delete and updating the record in module. but when i use after-receive event. it executes multiple times.and these edit and detail view are captured in tracker db in default. so planning to write a custom code or a trigger to perform it.

your small information is valid a lot…

Before going into logic hooks solutions, I would like to understand better why the tracker module isn’t enough for you.

Which action would like to track, that is not tracked by the default tracker module?

I admit I don’t know much about that module - but I would like to try and ask a few people, and perhaps see if it is configurable/extensible.


thanks for your time… i debugged the suiteCRM and found the flow of detail and edit view…the event occurs at include/MVC/View/SugarView.php trackview()…i added my desired code there…

so now… i that possible to customize include/MVC/View/SugarView.php to custom/include/MVC/View/SugarView.php?.. because i dont want to disturb the original code…

I doubt such a central file can be customized, but actually I think that this functionality should be extended in the core code. If what you’re tracking are normal SuiteCRM operations, other people might have interest in tracking them.

I know that logon and logoff should be possible to track, there are frequent requests for that.

So, if we can make that SugarView::_trackView more flexible, and configurable, we should add it to core.

Exactly which "action"s are you tracking?

Thank you @pgr, for your suggestions.

i tracked creating a record, editing the record and deleting the record using application logic hook, so that the actions can be tracked for every module. and i have added my desired code in sugarview.php trackview() to capture the editview and detailview actions…

so i tried to add the customization in


but none works…


        if (!empty($this->bean->id)) {
            $monitor->setValue('item_id', $this->bean->id);
            $monitor->setValue('item_summary', $this->bean->get_summary_text());
            //my code
            require_once 'custom/modules/GlobalCRUD_LogicHooks.php';
            $globalCRUD = new GlobalCRUD();

so i achieved capturing detailview and edit view by adding the //my code in trackview()

And what do you have in your class in custom?

i have a sql code to insert the $monitor in db…