Editing Subject Line (Plus auto setting Parent ID)

Hi all,

The plugin works well for getting e-mails into the system, and doesn’t often fail - so far so good.

However, when archiving an e-mail, often you need to edit the subject before saving, else it ends up with something fairly generic and unrecognisable among a list of many in the history.

Opacus Outlook plugin allows you to edit the subject before archiving, is this on the roadmap for the official plugin?

Of course, you can edit the record within SuiteCRM after you save, but then you have the problem that the parent id field isn’t filled in by SuiteCRM when it saves, so you have to also add that manually before you can edit the subject, even though you essentially checked the parent box in Outlook.

Is there any easy way of getting the parent ID to relate to the account or contact you archive against if there is only one selected?
This would be ideal, since now if you look in the account history, you can see that an e-mail’s been archived, but you can’t at a glance see against who (see below).

I tried to implement this adding parentid through a workflow, but can’t access the value needed to populate the field from anywhere. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,