Editable HTML field for Quotes

Hi Everyone,

Im trying to setup an HTML field on quotes so we can write project briefs and add formatted information for the use of customers and engineers (perhaps even separately when we get it working)

I can add an HTML field and expose it inside the views but it is not editable in the edit view, its just rendered as formatted text.

Perhaps I have misinterpreted what the field is for but its something that would be really useful to have.


Hi David,

With the HTML field you set the value for it when creating the field. You are unable to edit it through the Edit View, but are able to change the value by going through Studio.

A more suitable alternative to what you may be looking for is the WYSIWYG field Plugin:

You can download the file as a .zip and upload it in the Module Loader in the Admin Panel. After a Quick Repair/Rebuild, You can then use this as a field type.


Hi John,

Thanks for the fast reply.

The module works mostly as expected, easy to load through the module loader. The PDF template however does not work and just renders plain HTML - Do you think the field variable needs containing in something else?