Edit/remove dashlet option not showin in suite 7.2 dashlets


We are using suite 7.2

Edit/remove options dont appear in dashlets.

System settings for home page layout customization is attached. ( not checked)

Still, the edit/remove buttons dont appear in the home page dashlets even for administrator login.

Can you help pls?


Hi there,

Have you tried changing the colours in Admin -> Themes and selecting the SuiteR theme?



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Did you see this post?

Search ?

That did it. Thanks Will :slight_smile:


I Install suitecrm 7.2.1 , but when I change colors in Themes, the (Edit , Update and Delet ) buttons in Dashlets and other modules disappear.

the problem occurs in localhost and also a web hosting. :frowning:

Any idea to solve this?

Thank you very much .

what colors did you select? quick repair/rebuild is always helpful, also Iā€™d recommend changing 1 color at a time.

Hi, jevans

I only change the first color, quick repair/rebuild, but the problem persists.

In the Suite 7 Theme it works, but in Suite R the problem persists.

Thank you.

if you use chrome, hit F12 and look for access issues with file permissions, (red x) and change those permissions to either 755 Dir or 644 Files.

also rebuild jquery files.

let us know how that works out.

Hi, jevans

Thanks for your help.

It works.

But the new colors not changes, I see the same colors in all web browsers .