Edit Related Module View?

How can I edit the view of a related module? An example is when I view Projects, after I select a project I can see Project Tasks.

By default, Project Tasks on this view only shows Name, Start Date, and Finish Date.

In checking the different layouts for both Projects and Project Tasks, I have no idea where I would find the layout for this scenario. The layout for Projects only changes they info related to that modue, not the related info, and the layout for Project Tasks only changes the layout when you actually click on the task, which isn’t the view I have an issue with.

Projects/click on any Project, this shows Project Tasks (and then Activities, History, Contacts, etc)… This is the layout I want to change for Project Tasks, for the purpose of adding in the completion field, as we have no idea to tell what tasks are complete from the main view, and we don’t want to click on the actual task at hand to know if it is completed.

Any ideas?

Edit: JUST FIGURED IT OUT, via subpanels… haha :slight_smile: