Edit and Details View is not showing properly is Admin>studio>cases>layout>edit

Hi ,
Mostly I am using Case module and Admin> Studio>Cases>Layouts>Edit View or Admin> Studio>Cases>Layouts>Detailed View and we I click on this two View ,it is showing as below error.

May I know how can I fix this issue please help on it ?


Could any one give me solution please ?

Look for FATAL errors in your php_errors.log file.

It looks like you have a bug in one of your files, probably something for that module, under custom directory. It’s likely an issue with a delimiter that is causing PHP to misinterpret everything and mix your data file into the view’s code.

@pgr thanks for you response and your valuable time ,
Could you please help me at which file I got an error that will help full for me ,why am I asking bez My Case module is working fine means I am able to create Case and close Case all this action I am able to do ,I haven’t seen any error but when It comes to admin>studio>cases>layout>edit I am facing this issue .

Could you please help on it where I can find that error file Or bug ?


Some file under custom/modules/Cases perhaps. Probably a vardefs file.

My recommendation to have a look in the logs might take you directly to the problem, did you check?

This error displays when we add/call our custom script in the LogicHook file.

For fixing this error we need to add the Module Builder condition in the LogicHook.php file.

If you’ve any LogicHook file in /include then add Module Builder Condition as shown in the below screenshot.