Edit Accounts/History/View Summary fields

When you go to Accounts -> History subpanel -> View summary

Is there any way to edit the fields or labels that display in this pop up window? I have searched the modules admin area and can’t find it. It isn’t listed as a sub panel in accounts and under notes it isn’t listed as a layout.


It is possible, but not out of the box as the History Subpanel is unique. It is built up from many different parts, like E-mails and Tasks.
You would have to make fairly extensive changes to edit the Subpanel and Popup menu. You would have to modify most of the files that refer to the history subpanel.

However, if you still wish to do this, You may be able to find assistance on this on this SugarCRM Developer Page: http://developer.sugarcrm.com/2011/07/11/howto-making-upgrade-safe-changes-to-the-history-subpanel/