Dynamic Dropdowns on EditView


Dynamic Dropdowns pefect work on create record, but it is problem on EditView

For example

Parent dropdown values (a, b)
Child dynamic dropdown (a_a, a_b, b_a, b_b)

On Create record view all is ok.

a is default value of Parent dropdown and Child dynamic dropdown show only a_a and a_b values (and if I choise b on Parent dropdown, Child dynamic values changed to b_a, b_b)

But On EditView Child dynamic dropdown show all values a_a, a_b, b_a, b_b before I manualy choise the Parent dropdown value a or b on ?

Is there some way to fix this?



I am having same problem, I copied exactly the same dropdown values from parent and child lists in Accounts module for a test. Original fields are in Opportunities module.

In Accounts all is normally visible in any mode, edit, detail…in Opportunities it’s the problem user 92641fa944 explained above. You have to choose parent dropdown all of the time on edit before you can see normal lists, otherwise you will see full list of all child dropdown options regardless of what is in parent dropdown shown.

I read somewhere that this is a possible permission issue, I just don’t know which folders/files I should check for permission and what values should I set for the same.

The main file for lists on custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php has 0755, which should be enough, I think…

Thank you.

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