Dynamic DropDowns instead of Billing Address

Do you ever try to substitute in the Accounts or Leads, or Contacts module

  • billing_address_city
  • billing_address_state
  • billing_address_country

with some Dynamic dropdowns?

If yes, how do you manage to keep the “Copy to Shipping Address” functionality?

Hi mayerelyashiv,

just follow this link


you will get your expected solution


You are The Man Jaydeep!

Thank you for address me!

You are most welcome :cheer:

Dear Jadeep Thanks !!!

I made Dynamic DropDowns as per attachment and working fine problem is when we use for quotation. invoce, etc then value with parent…

It stores item name in db and fetches the same value in email templates / pdf etc. I need to bring display value of selected from dropdown instead of item name . How I can fix it .

for that using jquery is the best option . :slight_smile:

Please explain what and where need to change

first of all tell me, while creating dynamic dropdown you fetching value from database or just manually you created dropdown in dropdown editor. ?

I am creating dynamic drop down fetching value for pincode, city. state and country when i select pin code othe value come automativc.

I am using drop down editor only

HI gopal,

follow this link, i think it might help you for that you need to create logic hook.


Hi Jaydeep

Maybe you can help me answer this question - is it possible to delete a field I created using the dropdown editor? I created two new fields ( record_lock_dom, record_lock_list) on two separate occasions. Somehow the database became messed up and now the field I am using ( record_lock_dom which is a dropdown menu) displays the variable for each account record properly but it shows either a blank or incorrect entry ( blank, N or Y are only options).

I’m trying to use this field as a record lock so that when I import / update accounts, records that are locked will no be updated. Maybe you have an easier solution. Thanks in advance for your assistance.