Duplicates on my contact list


Can I search for duplicates on my contact list?


In each record’s detail view, inside the Actions button, there is a Find duplicates option.

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Hi @pgr ,

thank you for your reply.
I can’t search the entire contact list ?

I don’t think so.

I vaguely remember someone who worked around this by exporting, deleting all users, and re-importing. I think the Import process checks all Duplicates, but I’m not sure.

Of course, deleting all Contacts can be lethal to your relationships etc., so it won’t be useful in most cases. Maybe the process works just with a re-import, but without deleting?

You’ll have to play around in a test system. Or, if you don’t use Leads or Targets, try the import on those modules instead.

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thank you for your answer and your advice.
I will try.