Duplicated Invoice Entries

I did a large import of invoices from an older version of sugar to a new version of Suite. When I run a search many of the invoices are duplicated in list view so I have 2 invoices which are identical including invoice number.

When I run a similar search in the reports module I do not get any duplicates.

I checked the database and there are NO duplicates.

Duplicates are just showing up in list view.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can remove these duplicates?

SuiteCRM 7.5.3
Php 5.5.33

Do the duplicates link to the same or different Invoice ID?

Is this a fresh installation?



No, this was not a fresh install, in that I had done updates to the CRM from the initial install, and there was some sample leads, clients, and companies in it, I also created several custom modules with the module builder before the data transfer.

Both list view rows go to the same ID.

This goes for contacts as well, however in contacts you can see that in list view, one line has the company showing and the other does not. if you click on either row to view the contact it goes to the same detail view, contact ID record and shows the company.

I can merge the two records together and everything seems to be fine, but I don’t want to manually go through 12k records

Any thoughts?