Duplicate E-Mail in Detail List

Hi everyone,

               I wanted to know why the Eamil field is duplicated.

Best Regards

Versión 7.11.1
Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344)

Try this on the latest demo.

demo.suiteondemand.com (user: will, pass: will)

Maybe upgrade your SuiteCRM to 7.11.3

If not, tell me where (which screen) you see that.

Hi, i upgrade to version Versión 7.11.3. But i have the same problem.

Can you be more specific? Emails appear in tens of screens and modules potentially.

Where does this happen?
Please provide a screenshot
Please list the precise steps to reproduce it
Do you have any kind of customisation, including relationships, new modules, code, logic hooks, new fields, modified views, etc?