[DUPLICATE] Display one field of Task module into Accounts Modules (List View)

Hello all
I want one field from Task module name “Order Type” and i want to use that field inside Accounts Module with proper data in list view.

Scenario is => I have created one account and against that account i have create on Task by selecting order type say “LR” then when i open list view of Accounts i want that order type field in list view of account.How will i do that ? any idea ? I am looking for the solution from many days but didn’t find any thing which works.
Help Please

@namitkakusuitecrm aren’t you just repeating this other issue?

To be honest with you, we’re having serious doubts about your participation in these Forums because of the way you’re using them.

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Sorry if you feel bad I know this feels bad asking same question again but what should i do i am not getting help from anywhere this is the only way to solve the issue by asking here i don’t have any other option. Ok if you feel bad then sorry once again.

Hi @namitkakusuitecrm,

Let us explain that we don’t feel bad, however what you are doing is bad behaviour which we are highlighting to you.

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