Duplicate Check when importing records

Problem: When importing a CSV file with new and possibly duplicate accounts, the “available fields” on which to check for duplicates does not present any fields that can be selected. Accounts does however contain a number of fields with duplicate merge enabled.

Using SuiteCRM 7.10.7

Please provide an explanation or provide a link to where the import functionality with respect to duplicates is properly explained.

Many thanks in advance!

This is the default Accounts module, without any customizations?

And does your CSV file include the fields you want SuiteCRM to check, in a way that they are recognizable by SuiteCRM?

Yes, the Accounts Module contains a number of custom fields. I would however be pleased if the system checked the fields that come as standard. Even these are not displayed as being available for duplicate checks.

The fields all seem recognizable and are all correctly mapped.

Is any other information required?

Sorry for the delay.

I just tried this in my 7.10.7 test system and it seems to be working well, it offers me 4 fields to check duplicates:

Available Fields
Assigned User
Parent Account ID
Email Address

Maybe check your

compare your “duplicate_merge” values to the original values in https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/blob/master/modules/Accounts/vardefs.php

And check if you have any custom file overriding that one… in custom/modules/Accounts/vardefs.php or other file that redefines entries in that array.

You can check duplicate records even can delete them by using DuplicateFilesDeleter