Duplicate Accounts/Contacts modules


I would need to have two ACCOUNTS and two CONTACTS modules working together. They would require different required fields (that’s why I need to make them different).

I’ve tried to copy modules in FTP and change names in Database but I doesn’t work. Any idea how to do it? Where can I get an Account module zip file to install it?

I really appreciate some help.



It won’t work that way, as their are many relationship and built-in functionality available.I suggest you should not do that. If you wish to have module like Account and Contact type.

You can create your own custom module via module builder (Admin->Module Builder).

  1. To create module as Account you need to select module type as “Sales”.
  2. To create module as Contact you need to select module type as “Person”.

Create a relationship between those module, the way you want and deploy or publish.