Dropwdown list and apostrophe

Hello Community,

My client use apostrophe (’) in his dropdown list.

Example :

key : traitdunion, label : trait d’union

It works a first time but when we update the list.

We obtain :

key : traitdunion, label : trait d

I do not know if it comes from the javascript or php (I think there is a litlle AJAX involve).

Does anybody know the anwser?

Good day!

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Please be a little more specific, tell us your version of SuiteCRM and exactly where this dropdown is, and how you entered the values into it.


Suite CRM 7.7.4

In administration => studio => dropdown (in php : $GLOBALS[‘app_list_strings’])

In every list in the module : account_type_dom, activity_dom, activity_status_type_dom, …

Labels are truncate from the apostrophes (’) after several save of the list.

Can you please try it in version 7.8.4 or 7.9?

If you don’t have one, there’s one that let’s you have admin access here:


I seem to remember there was a similar bug corrected a while ago, I just want to make sure whether the latest version behaves the same as your system.

I test it on 7.9.

The anomaly is sill here.

(To see the anomaly, you need to save at least two times the dropdown.)

I confirm the bug.

If you have dropdowns display labels that contain quotes or apostrophes, when you edit the dropdown and you add another element or just edit the display label of any element the resulting dropdown will have all the display labels truncated at the first quote (or apostrophe) found.

Note that the truncation takes place in all display labels except the new ones or the one being edited.

I noticed a second bug: only one lable can be edited. Then either you save and exit the dropdown editor or you are stuck in the inline edit mode of the label.

I created an issue on gitHub:

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