Dropdown menus

I create some custom fields in my modules in suite. If I have i.e. open and closed as a dropdown menu, do my database row ‘isclosed’ need to have the values open and closed? Cause there have 0 and 1 as values? Can Suite recognize that from my database?

As you said those are custom values. You will know better what functionality is desired with the values. Now when creating a dropdown field, you have to create a list to be prompted to be selected from. When creating that list you can specify the value you want in your DB and the label you want to present on the UI. So If you can create a value on your list with 1 and present Open as label.

Hope it helps

So it means, I need to make a custom drop down menu and say that I want to use 1 and 0 in the database like open and closed in suite as custom commands