Dropdown list table

Hi, I’m building dropdown list on our test server because it is too many, is there’s a way to import the list from our test server to our live server? This is to avoid redundancy or recreating the steps on our live server

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It’s easy to get and move from a PHP file, I think it could be in


If your dropdown is not a custom field, if it’s a default dropdown, it will be somewhere else.

Use grep -irn somestring /your/suitecrm/dir or some “find in files” program to discover it (somestring is one of the strings in your dropdown, preferrably something unique)

Hi @pgr I will look at that, I saw that there are global variables for dropdown under custom\include\language\en_us.lang.php

I hope it is the same, because I tried to make a new variable and it displayed on suitecrm dropdown.

Thank you