Dropdown fields sorted by value instead of display name

I have a custom dropdown field that has number prefixes on the Display names for each item in the dropdown list to force the items to be sorted in a specific way in reports and list views. What I’ve noticed is that the sorting seems to ignore the display value and sorts solely on the database value for the dropdown item. I’m not sure how this would make sense because end-users would likely be unaware of the database value of the dropdown entry.

Is this a bug?

Can someone point me to the code that controls what value is used for sorting so I can change this in my SuiteCRM instance?


Using Studio you can change the order of the dropdown field, go to “Dropdown Editor” and choose your dropdown to change and then you can drag and drop the way you like.

Dropdown field items are not saved in the database but in the language files.

Thank you for your response. Does reordering the dropdown items affect sorting in List view or Reports? I think we’re talking about two different things.

No, the order of the dropdown items and the ListView / Report orderings are different things.