Dropdown field not showing in the correct order

When I order a dropdown field in Studio, it does not show in that order when the dropdown is used to edit/create a record. It’s showing in the order of the “Item Name” rather the order created in Studio.
Any suggestions please?

I think you are correct. One trick will be to create your items with a prefix like this:


Hope it helps!

Thanks for the suggestion but it wont help in my use case.
I’m working on migrating an old MS Access system to the 21’st century.
The Access system uses tables with a key and a value for each item in it’s
dropdowns so all the data in other tables that use the dropdowns just have the
key stored in them. So when I import the data exported from Access the key values
need to match to a name in the SuiteCRM dropdown field.
It would be better if SuiteCRM v8 worked as it’s supposed to really.