Dropdown editor stop working since 7.2.1

SInce the upgrade the dropdown editor isnt working anymore. When hitting save we get index.php?to_pdf=1&sugar_body_only=1 500 (Internal Server Error) in google chrome console log. It seems to point to this line - sugar_grp1_yui.js?v=-kJABDoHlw8qdXqw5_9r_g:55

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What is your Server/MySQL/PHP setup? What permissions are set on your files/folders and what are the permissions settings in your config.php? Have you performed a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair and cleared your browser cached and logged out/in?



Hi config.php is 0660. php version is 5.4.13(cli). mysql: 5.5.50. os: Red Hat 4.7.0-4,

Ive tried in firefox and rebuilt cache but it still happens

Some of us have found that disabling languages fixes this problem:


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I am new to SuiteCRM and have been experiencing this issue, when trying to add or edit custom drop down list in SuiteCRM. I have figured out the problem. The edit (or new) dropdown list is being save to custom/include/language/es_es.lang and not en_us.lang. Copying the dropdown array list to the EN files fixes the issue. Hope this helps in resolving this bug.

Sorry if this is a repost. (I am not seeing my previous post). I am new to SuiteCRM and I have been trying to add/edit dropdown lists.However, its not being saved. This is due to the dropdown array list being written to custom/include/language/es_es. lang and not en_us.lang. Copying the arraylist to the EN file resolved the issue. Hopes this helps in resolving this bug.