DropDown editor not working

Hi there.
While trying to add a dropdown from the dropdown menu (under the admin tab), i can neither add entries within the dropdown item, nor can I add the dropdown. This is because the ‘add’ and ‘save’ buttons do not work.

Am I doing something wrong?

to add: i cannot add an entry to standard dropdowns either.

You can do manually in custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php
something like this

$GLOBALS['app_list_strings']['dio_status_meeting']=array (
  '' => '',
  'Planned_Planed' => 'Planned',
  'Not Held_Not_Held' => 'Not Held',
  'Held_Open' => 'Open',
  'Held_Send' => 'Send',
  'Held_Close' => 'Close',
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I tried doing that but messed up the file! I am now trying to replace the file with that of a 2nd installation. In any case, I created a new installation (I’m using bitnami) on w Windows Server 2008 OS platform, and the same error has replicated itself.

Is it possible that all users will face this issue?

could you please clarify your response for a non-technical person?

I can confirm the same problem here for SuiteCrm 7.7.1, quick fix to the problem delete the following file /themes/SuiteP/images/edit_inline.svg

I know that this image file might seam irrelevant but can actual fix this problem, here goes the long description:
There was a change in file /include/SugarTheme/SugarTheme.php in function getImage(…)
what the change does is to prefer svg image files over any other image type, although this might look logical in the dropdown editor in order for the simplelist JS dropdown to initialize properly it needs as arguments an edit & delete image (file: /modules/ModuleBuilder/tpls/MBModule/dropdown.tpl line 151)

Now if the image found is svg the getImage function return the svg contents instead of an img element with src the svg file and this causes problems with the simpleList.init function.

In my opinion the best solution would be to change the following file /include/SugarTheme/SugarTheme.php
change line 717 from:
if(file_exists($imagePath)) {
if(file_exists($imagePath) && empty($ext)) {

I don’t know what is the correct way to fix this bug, it would be nice if a developer had a look at this bug and provided a permanent solution.

Muchas gracias por la ayuda chakkos, modifique la linea 717 tal como indico en la imagen y todo se arreglo.

Modificando la linea 717 file /include/SugarTheme/SugarTheme.php

tal como la pongo en el pantallazo se soluciona el problema

Not working for me in the latest SuiteCRM with the new theme.

I don’t want to start messing with code and deleting files as non-tech and really shouldn’t have to do this.

I am guessing for a non tech will have to wait until there is an update. It’s a pain as really need to add some things to my drop downs.

Joaquinjs, this is not what I meant, you need to replace the line, example:
delete: if(file_exists($imagePath)) {
add: if(file_exists($imagePath) && empty($ext)) {

Still not working with the latest 7.7.3 update - I still cannot add new items to a drop down list using the new theme.

But it works ok with the Suite R theme so new theme is buggy.

I can see that the issue has been fixed in version 7.7.4

fyi, it may also be a permission issue for this folder, e.g. if you are running on centos7 with selinux you will have to change the permission for the “custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php” file:
chcon -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t en_us.lang.php