Drop downs for contact, user, account

Hi all,

I want to have some fields on the opportunity with a drop down that shows contacts, accounts, or users for that matter. How do I go about doing this? I can’t find anything in the drop down lists for contact or user or account. The functionality I’m looking for is similar to the Assigned-to field where you get a pop up and you can pick from a list of users.




I believe the closest thing out of the box would be a Flex Relate field.

You can add one of these in studio to your Opportunities Module.

(Navigate to Admin>Studio>Opportunities>Fields, Add new field of Type “Flex Relate”, Add it to the Layouts)

However, some things to note are:

The Flex Relate field is not a full relate field, It only works one way.
So, if you select an Account on it, The Selection will not be shown on the Accounts -> Opportunities Subpanel.

Additionally, the Flex Relate by standard doesn’t let you select Users, But you can add the option fairly easily:
Create a file in the location: custom/include/language/ with the name “en_us.lang.php” (If this file already exists, you can simply add the following into it)

In this file, add the following:

$GLOBALS['app_list_strings']['parent_type_display'] =array(
    'Accounts' => 'Account',
    'Contacts' => 'Contact',
    'Tasks' => 'Task',
    'Opportunities' => 'Opportunity',
    'Bugs' => 'Bug',
    'Cases' => 'Case',
    'Leads' => 'Lead',
    'Project' => 'Project',
    'ProjectTask' => 'Project Task',
    'Prospects' => 'Target',

After this, Save your changes, and run a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and you should be able to select Users on Flex Relate field.

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