Drop down Lists Not Saving

We were able to resolve this problem by removing the “SuitePImproved” theme from the /themes/ directory and only using the built in “Suite P” theme. We were not using “SuitePImproved”, but just having it installed was enough to cause this problem in our case.

Hopefully, this simple fix will help others.

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Many thanks for the tip!

This hasn’t (yet) resolved it in this case - but I’m still working through issues of whether/where it may be being cached perhaps.

wondertrout are you doing a Quick Repair and Rebuild after the Dropdown changes?

If you go in Admin / Upgrade Wizard and start an upgrade (you can cancel it later), the stage where it checks permissions, what does it say?

Yep pgr. I have rebuilt and rechecked permissions several times before making each change to a drop down. I do think the problem is the SuitePImproved2 module mentioned before. I seem to remember having this same problem on another instance some time back. There must be some code remaining somewhere, even though the module has been uninstalled and deleted. I’ve deleted the cache so not sure where else it could be but that did make sense when it was previously mentioned.

Ok, have finally tracked this one down! It actually wasn’t the SuitePImproved (or SuitePImproved2) templates that were the problem. It was in fact the GB (Great Britain) Language Pack. Removing this from teh system fixed the problems with drop down lists not saving correctly. Not exactly sure why but if I was to have a guess I suspect it might be because the actual language in the drop down when you create or edit a drop down list wasn’t being recognised. That is, it may well have been being saved, just not able to be recognised correctly by the drop down editor.

Hope this helps if someone else is having similar challenges with language packs.

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Hi exactly where did you remove the GB?

I had installed the language pack in Module Loader

I appreciate your work guys and the answers in this topic, for me it is a new but useful information and I can safely put it into practice in the future. Thanks!