Downloaded 8.1 but no install.php file

I downloaded 8.1 and unzipped it to my public_html
but there is no install.php file

how to proceed?

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Maybe you downloaded directly from Github? That’s not the idea if you’re looking for an installer.

Try from here instead:

Hi @lumengl
You can easily install the SuiteCRM 8 by following the steps mentioned in this video.

@ lumengl This is because you are following the Installation Guide for version 7. The install.php file in version 8 is inside vendors/legacy.

It would be nice if the SuiteCRM team could update and point the links to the installation guide within the SuiteCRM website to the v8 installation guide, since many people are downloading v8 and confused when they open the link to the installation guide in the menu and the v7 guide opens up, without saying it is for v7. People dont find the install.php file in the root folder and believe that the v8 files belong to an update and not to a standalone installation.


Hi I’m trying to do the same thing, I see a vendor folder on my end but no legacy folder in it though.

This did not work for me, I even tried to download the same version but no install file

Are you guys following this guide?

The link in documentation is incorrect.
The right one is:

It’s better to stick to the Documentation:

To run the web installer go to https://<your-suite-crm-instance-path>/

Since you are not installed this should re-direct you to https://<your-suite-crm-instance-path>/#/install

If true that sometimes that doesn’t work, but that would be because your web server web-root and mod_rewrite configuration is wrong - and it would be better to get those right in the first place

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