download to PDF. -> in landscape instead of portrait?

From my report which contains many columns, is there a way to export to pdf in landscape format?

because my font is way too small


As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an option to print to PDF in landscape format via the CRM.

However, this could be a pretty handy addition!

If you wish to raise it as an enhancement/suggestion for the SuiteCRM Project, feel free to mention it on our Github repo:


Thank you, I just did as suggested

I wanted to make sure it was not me that ignored something…


Hi, i know it’s an old thread but for new visitors, i’d like to highlight that we, Lion Solution as SuiteCRM partner, developed and gave to the community as little contribution to the SuiteCRM project an addon that does it:

If you want to download it from the Labs and use it, you’re most welcome!

We tested it on version 7.10.14 and 7.10.27
If you could give us any feedback about compatibility with other versions, it would be fantastic.

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