double emails generate for Case creation / Impossible to create outbound case from email


Everithing’s ok with 7.01. Except, I can’t understand the reason the Contact is receiving 2 different emails when he sent at first, an email to our adress support@…

1/ The first he’s receiving from SuiteCRM is completed with the right Case number and all fields correctly filled in the template.
2/ 20 s after the 1st right email, He’s receiving a second new email with the same template… but not filled at all (only $aos…+ his original message he sent to support@…).

Is there a solution just to receive one email…and the right of course :)

3/ It is ok to generate automatically a Case from an inbound email… but i tried to create one manually directly from outbound email: for example a customer call me on telephone and during the call, i want to use the Case creation template to generate manually a Case from the email module… Same problem, case is not created in Support module and the customer is receiving a template but not filled with @aos

Can anybody help me for this?

Your are Genius, but i’m just a user… :slight_smile:

Of course, i forgot to ask if i need to use AOP (i’m not using Joomla but Drupal)…Could it be a conflict between Case ans AOP?

Hi gips,

Just a thought, but try checking your list of schedulers. If “Check Inbound Mailboxes” and “AOP Check Inbound Mailboxes” both have “Active” status, then make “Check Inbound Mailboxes” “Inactive”. You only need one and they both do (almost) exactly the same thing.



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Hi Bruce, thanks. I’m going to try this…but it is inbound shedulers and my problem is with outbounds case email (make doublons). I m going to test right now, anyway.


Hi Bruce,
As i did what you suggested me, it does not go… I unactivated AOP, no difference. So i stopped it.

I think this is a serious bug between SuiteCRM 7.1 ans AO suite. From my outbound emails, i can’t access (for example) to Relate to: Quotes… SuiteCRM says : "error this module Quotes does not exist. (And of course, i’m using it everyday)… The relationship seems to be broken.

If i try to compose a template email… it does not populate at all. Only $aos… fields are received by the others…

I also observed that i have 2 Quotes modules ( and several in doublon) in PDF models when i try to choose the fields to increment my templates… :angry: