Don't need an option to accept or decline a meeting


May I confirm the file name and location of the email template used for the meeting notification? (I can’t seem to find it within modules\Meetings\tpls)

I have managed to comment out the assigned link for the accept/decline but I still need to modify the html code so I can edit/remove some of the wordings.

It just that we don’t need any option to accept or decline a meeting in the automated emails.

Screenshot attached.


It’s in include/language/{$language}.notify_template.html

This is called from include/utils.php: get_notify_template_file($language) from the SugarBean::create_notification_email(($notify_user).

Note that this is using the XTemplate engine and not smarty.

if you search for {ACCEPT_URL} you should find what you are looking for,

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Hi djsamson,

Thank you very much! B)

Hi djsamson,

I am wondering if it is possible to create 2 different email notification for user and contact?
Any idea please?