Don't disable English (US) language!

Just ran into an interesting phenomenum! I have installed the English (GB) language pack. Not sure that it changes anything. But, I disabled the English (US) language pack… Then I started getting lots of “Undefined” appearing in help boxes. I can only assume that even though the GB pack says it is 100% complete that the help boxes have not been translated into the GB pack and rely on the US pack to work.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.





Do you, by chance, have any examples of which labels have become “undefined”?
Would be good to know, so the folks that build the language packs can be aware

Although, I find that “undefined” labels are normally a permissions issue.
It would be worth ensuring that permissions are set correctly across your instance, and then running a Quick Repair and Rebuild. (Found in Admin->Repair)

Recommended permissions are typically:
775 on the folders: cache, custom, modules, themes, data, upload, config_override.php
755 elsewhere

I thought that it might be a permissions issue to start with but had my hosting company check the permissions and they were all correct. I then re-enabled the English-US lanquage and it sorted it all out. I now run with both enabled.

Thanks for the reply, regards, Chris.