Doing an email campaign


Am still using Version 7.8.3 Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509).

I’d like to do an email campaign by targeting education sector who may be interested in our services.

Some schools have several campuses that operates independently from each other hence am dealing with multiple emails (one email address per campus) under the same organization. Rather than creating a separate account for each campuses (e.g. name of school followed by name of campus), is it possible to create a single account with several emails addresses listed to send to rather than sending to one email address marked as “Primary”? Sometimes there is no department email available for some campus(es) so need to email directly to individual(s) working at that campus.

Am still trying to make sense of this Campaigns module vs. doing simple mass email with custom fields to use as filter. Seems that the Campaigns module allows for tracking however I’m not too interested in this feature at this time.




I think Target lists just use complete records (USers, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Targets), and they don’t separate the various emails within those accounts.

So you will probably need some kind of duplication of records to get them all into a Campaign.

I’ve seen people asking for ways to add an account to a target list, with all it’s related contacts. This would solve your problem, but I’m not sure how that ended, if there was any solution…

Anything is possible form the database. If you can extract all the email addresses you want, with a fairly automatic process (like an export, or a Report), you could make a temporary Target List with all of them, and send out the Campaign.

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