Does SuiteCRM support SAML

Just installed SuiteCRM 7.10.4. Can’t seem to find any SAML integration document. Searched forum and got nothing.

Does it support SAML out of the box or via plug in?

I don’t have any experience with SAML so I can’t be of much help, but searching the code I believe is enough to answer your question: SAML is supported out-of-the-box:

Would you be able to search your documentation library and see if there is a SAML integration guide?

The Docs are all public, here

and there’s a search box (top, right)

I don’t think there’s anything about SAML, I’m afraid…

Just so I don’t leave you without any options: tell me if you want somebody from our Consultancy team to email you directly for professional services regarding this.

We’re not keeping any Documentation from the public just to sell consultancy - if we had these Docs we would publish them. But it all boils down to lack of time for our team to work for clients and to produce documentation.

You might get some help here:

That’s the package we use, if I’m not mistaken.

Dear pgr,
we would like implement saml authentication beetween SuiteCRM and Office 365 (Azure Directory) can you please ask your consultancy to contact us ?

Thank you

Yes sure, I will ask someone to contact you. I hope this is something that, after done, can be contributed to the Community? That would be really nice, though I understand if you consider that it is not convenient.

We are happy to give our contribute to the community but we are in hurry…

Thank you

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Dear pgr,
can you please ask another sales manager to contact us, I can’t receive response from Niamh.

Thank you