Does SuiteCRM 8 Release Candidate requires command line access?

Can SuiteCRM 8 Release Candidate be installed on shared hosting where there is no SSH access just WebGUI?

Just for testing you don’t need much (standard stack)

Here are no such requirements

How can SuiteCRM 8 RC be installed on shared hosting?

Hello @cadej,

Download the release candidate from this link and simply drag the zip to your web server. After having unzipped it, set the server root path to the {suitecrm}/public/ folder.

Then go to the domain or ip address linked to your webserver and SuiteCRM should propose you an install.

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Usually in web apps the intallation and index files are in root folder.
The subfolder “tricked” me. {suitecrm}/public/

I would never accept administering a SuiteCRM installation where I didn’t have SSH access. It’s possible to get that, even on cheap shared hostings, and not having it really cripples your ability to troubleshoot, etc. Not a good option.

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