Does Self-Hosting SuiteCRM prevent web tracking and form submissions?

Hello. I’ve selected SuiteCRM and looking to install for the first time.

I would like to install SuiteCRM as self-hosted on an internal linux server running full time with a firewalled connection to the internet, BUT, will doing so prevent SuiteCRM from functioning as it should with regards to:

1.) various tracking (email-open, etc.) scripts,
2.) web form submissions,
3.) anything else I’m not aware of?

Would I need to install SuiteCRM on my web hosting account for these things to function properly?

Please advise.


Hi, welcome!

It’s perfectly ok to host SuiteCRM in an internal server. You just need to open the normal internet ports so that the web server is visible (typically HTTP and HTTPS ports).

Then for SuiteCRM to contact your email server, that’s outgoing traffic, SuiteCRM is initiating those SMTP and IMAP connections.

Web form submissions come in through normal internet port.

Consider opening SSH access to Administer from the outside world if you need that; but make you secure it properly.