Does anyone have spellcheck working

I’m not the greatest at typing emails, looking professional is a must but i find it tedious writing in word processor first then copy & pasting back into suitecrm email. Has anyone found a way to enable spell check.

I believe SuiteCRM’s email editor is called TinyMCE.

It seems to have plugins to do some spell-checking, but I never tried them, and I don’t know how to install them in a SuiteCRM installation.

you can always use your browser’s spell check feature


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Ive been at it all day that does not work… unless im using the wrong code:
i changed:



  browser_spellcheck : true,
  gecko_spellcheck: true

ive also tried using nanospell:

Step 1 - Download the nanospell plugin
NanoSpell Download
Download nanospell tinymce spellchecker.
Extract the contents to: include/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/nanospell

Step 2 - Test it locally
Browse to include/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/nanospell/getstarted.html
The page will verify that everything is working for you, and even provide personalized code samples.

Step 3 - Code it
Open /include/SugarTinyMCE.php and



      external_plugins: {"nanospell": "include/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/nanospell/plugin.js"},
      nanospell_server: "php" // choose "php" "asp" "" or "java"

I have not gotten any of these to work

@Mike, I don’t think the browser’s spellcheck works inside TinyMCE when composing emails in SuiteCRM… but I only tried Firefox.

@rasheid perhaps somebody on the TinyMCE forums could help you,

If you get it to work, please share your solution here, it will be useful for more people.

I have spell checking working in emails