Document Uploads

Hi Guy’s
Just successfully managed to transfer my SuiteCRM to another server (was having speed/load up issues - really pleased with the new server), however, the transer has gone great but it failed to transfer uploaded documents. Which folder holds the documents on upload?. I still have access to the old server so may be able to download and re-upload to the new server.
Any help would be appreciate.

Many thanks in advance.

Physically the documents are stored in “upload” folder on the root directory of your SuiteCRM.

Many thanks for the help. Managed to upload the old documents into the new location.

However,… The documents fail to open?
Microsoft Word complains of “Unknown Format” & PDF Open but are totally unreadable??

Anyone have any Ideas??

Many thanks in advance.

To find the correct reason. Take a one document id and it’s document_revision id and checks in an older system and new system.
Spot the difference if any.

How can the files exported via FTP be converted to a format readable by WORD or PDF? Or have the documents viewable in their original format?