Document Module - Unable to download file uploaded

Hi there,

First of all, any input is appreciated.

I am now unable to download file from document module.

All I got after clicking on the file is a link and the download does not start, …/index.php?entryPoint=download&id=db5040f1-812f-810e-1d23-57e8c64bc7ab&type=Documents

I have checked my error log and suitecrm log, but nothing comes up. Would anyone give me a hint on why this happens?

Have you tried a quick repair and rebuild? could you please provide some screenshots?

Thanks Cameron!

Sorry as I was debugging this morning, I realised that at some stage I turned off my error_reporting globally… What a silly mistake!

I am having the ‘Call to undefined function mime_content_type()’ error on download.php

This could be solved by installing magic.mime plugin via easyapache I’m assuming?