Document creation

Hi all
I have a request for some help on creating a specific document within Suite.
I would like to create a document like a job card which has:

  • The details of an account at the top (account name & address)
  • A couple of reference fields (date, job no. & Quote number)
  • A simple list of the job requirements
  • A couple of large boxes for start and stop times
  • Ts & Cs at the bottom

This would all be used as a PDF template.

I have tried to create a new module entitled ‘Jobs’ with the information in I need but got woefully lost; so I tried to create a PDF template for the details, and although most of this worked, I couldn’t get the template to show custom fields, or a few of the details listed above.

I would be most appreciative if anyone has a good idea of how I can create a PDF template for this document to be created from an account…

Thanks in advance!

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
Just looking for a ‘best’ idea…

In order to make custom fields available you need to create a relationship between your custom module and accounts.

Thanks for the pointer salesagility
I’ll have a play and see where I go…

If you need help, I use for customizations. They are very inexpensive.