Display selection fields in modules depending on role

I want to set up roles in such a way that for instance there is a role “Sales” and “Sales Managment”. Someone from “Sales” now makes a new quote. Now this user shouldn’t be able to approve his own quotes, understabably. “Sales Management” is notified of this new quote, checks it and if all is well approves it.
I would like to know how to set this up. Because in theory, I would just make the approval label invisible for users with the “Sales” role. Is even possible? And if so where would the check happen?

This functionality is not built-in in SuiteCRM. you can search the suitecrm store for plugins which provide field level user role access and buy one the plugins that you find

This can be done with a custom dropdown that helps differentiate the Stage of approval. And then use Security groups to make things visible/invisible to the appropriate groups of users.

Okay. Is there a guide on how to do this?

Alright, I looked into this but it did give me a pointer:
What I basically want to is to entirely remove the option for members of one group to modify the approval dropdown menu. Is there a variable like'$user_group, where SuiteCRM stores the groups a user is part of? Roles would be sufficient too.